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Rees Morrison Morsels (#28) added to previous posts

Empirical understanding of law department operations. What understanding we think we have of law department management floats gossamer lightly. Opinions, anecdotes, and partial metrics rule; we stumble on without research that is empirical (See my post of Oct. 17, 2005 about law department surveys; and Oct. 23, 2005 about other empirical work.). I stumbled upon a web site for Empirical Legal Studies and was glad to see kindred spirits.

Game theory and lawyers. To my posts of August 14, 2005 and February 8, 2006 I add that there is a book, published in 1994, entitled Game Theory And The Law. Written by three professors at the University of Chicago, the 344-page book looks quite comprehensive.

Intranet site traffic. From the Office of Legal Affairs, U. of North Carolina, March 2003, we learn that the Office’s intranet in February 2003 recorded 187 hits per hour. I’m envious.