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Rees Morrison Morsels (#29): additions to earlier posts

Seniority of the title Associate or Assistant General Counsel. I thought I had the last word on this knotty question (See my post of March 23, 2006.) but along comes Solutus Legal Search to confound my tidy solution. “In some companies Associate General Counsels are higher up the chain than Assistant General Counsels. In other companies, it’s exactly the opposite.” Well, on the other hand it sometimes just depends.

More British terms. What US law departments refer to (politically unconsciously) as “beauty contests,” Anglophiles refer to as “beauty parades.”

Law department MBA. The group legal director of the UK’s BOC Group has approached several business schools about the creation of “the first-ever MBA course specifically designed for in-house lawyers in the UK.” This note, from Legal Week, Vol. 8, May 18, 2006 at 3, relates to my posts of Nov. 6, 2005 on Continuing Business Education, April 12, 2006 about universities and business courses for in-house counsel, and May 7, 2006 regarding training on financial literacy.