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Rees Morrison Morsels #39: Additions to earlier posts

More than three million cases from Fastcase now in Google and Yahoo! search results. An earlier post talks about sources of case law information (See my post of Jan. 13, 2006 and references to several providers.). Legal Mgt., Vol. 26, Jan./Feb. 2007 at 76 introduces (for me, at least) the term “dark Web” content — “content previously available only behind subscription walls and not available to Web crawlers.” The legal publisher Fastcase Inc. has made available for searching by the general public its online law library, with more than 3 million cases dating to 1754.

Law departments that promote a legal service provider. An ad for BNA in Corp. Counsel, Vol. 13, Dec. 2006 shows Gail Lione, general counsel of Harley-Davidson, and highlights her quote: “BNA helps us provide accurate, insightful advice.” (See my post of Sept. 21, 2005 about what a law department can gain if it helps market a vendor.).

Conferences expressly for corporate counsel. This blog has noted several conferences. Another one has surfaced, the 6th Annual Corporate Counsel Conference, the International Bar Association, London, Feb. 21-23, 2007.

Diversity expectations. I admire the candor of Eric Cohen, in-house counsel at Terex Corporation, who spoke at a Legal Marketing Association event in November 2006. According to Amy Campbell’s Web Log, Cohen was asked about diversity as a differentiator of law firms. No hypocrisy with Terex, he said, “Diversity is difficult. We don’t meet it yet internally, so we don’t impose it as a requirement” (See my post of Dec. 11, 2006 with a survey and low marks for diversity.).