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References on this blog to law schools in relation to law departments

A large number of references on this blog to law schools have to do with years out of law school as a metric for benchmarks. In this vein are posts that have to do with law schools attended by in-house lawyers as an indicator of ability (See my post of Nov. 28, 2005: percentage of graduates of top-ranked law schools in law departments; Aug. 28, 2008: benchmark general counsel by LSAT scores; and July 31, 2009: lawyer intelligence, judged by law school rank, might alter legal department management.).

Still, a number of posts concern other aspects of law schools. Many have to do with research pumped out by law schools (See my post of Dec. 31, 2008: UCLA Law School’s Empirical Research Group; Feb. 7, 2009: Stanford Law School’s Intellectual Property Litigation Clearinghouse; April 22, 2007: Cornell Law School’s research on employment litigation; Dec. 28, 2006: New York Law School’s Institute for Information Law & Policy; Feb. 28, 2006: Stanford Law School and its securities litigation research; and March 30, 2010: survey of Harvard Law School’s Center on Lawyers and the Professional Services Industry.).

Law school graduates appear, mostly facts about India (See my post of Oct. 10, 2005: cites 200,000 graduates a year from Indian law schools; Jan. 16, 2009: Yale Law School’s Career Development Office; Feb. 22, 2009: 80,000 graduates per year from Indian law schools; and Nov. 14, 2005: about 38,000 graduates a year from US law schools.).

Some law departments actively engage with local law schools, including through conferences (See my post of Jan. 25, 2007: UPS paid for operations employees to go to night law school and then join the law department; Dec. 3, 2007 #2: law school with center for creative problem solving; March 23, 2008: serve as moot court judge; Oct. 5, 2009: one week a year Monsanto’s legal department camped out at Valparaiso University Law School; Aug. 19, 2007: Northwestern Law School’s conferences for general counsel; March 31, 2010: conference hosted by Georgetown Law School on the Future of Law Firms (and several other posts; and March 19, 2009: interns from law school with 6 references.).

Law school professors have enjoyed their moments in the blog sun (See my post of Oct. 23, 2005: dearth of law school professors who study law department management; May 5, 2006: academics who study legal departments; May 30, 2006: in-house lawyers who also teach at law school; Sept. 18, 2007 #2: general counsel adjunct at a local law school; and April 20, 2009 #1: a course on law department practice at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law.).