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Release 1.0 sent to 196 law departments; get a sample if you write me

On June 10th General Counsel Metrics, LLC, sent Release 1.0 of its benchmarking staffing and spending survey to the 196 law departments that had submitted data through May 31st.  The release covered companies in 26 industries and provides 25 benchmark metrics for revenue categories and numbers of lawyers as well as by country.  The next release will be in early August and will have well more than 350 participants.  I urge you to complete the straightforward, confidential survey today.  Click here and enter the basic six figures:


Release 2 will have a compilation of blog posts about graphics and plotting, and perhaps some early results on compensation metrics and matter management software.


If you would like to see what the releases look like, please write me: and let me know your interest.

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