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Returning to return on investment

Return on investment, the calculations that justify spending money, figure prominently in decisions by law department managers – or they ought to. Being so important, many posts on this blog aim directly at ROI or refer to it and it has become time for me to invest in updating my previous collection (See my post of Oct. 22, 2008: ROI with 17 references.).

Some of the subsequent posts refer to the calculations themselves (See my post of Sept. 1, 2009: allow for the time-value of money; Sept. 2, 2009: calculating ROI benefits and costs; Sept. 2, 2009: part two of calculating ROI benefits and costs; Oct. 19, 2009: how to figure the ROI of CLE; Nov. 13, 2009: ROI calculation for an entire legal department, the holy grail; and May 3, 2010: vendors and preparation of ROI document.).

More of the recent posts refer to returns on investment of specific types of initiatives (See my post of Feb. 6, 2009: inventor rewards; April 8, 2009: collaboration; April 27, 2009: videoconferencing; June 4, 2009: e-billing; Aug. 25, 2009: technology projects; Nov. 5, 2009: matter management systems; Jan. 25, 2010: AFAs, especially fixed fees; Jan. 25, 2010: administrators; March 1, 2010: recruitment ad; March 29, 2010: matter management system; and July 23, 2010: compliance investments.).

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