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Second benchmark release due soon: 500+ legal departments with 3,000 thousand more lawyers, quartile summaries, and regional data

Will you take a few minutes to complete the General Counsel Metrics survey? Will you take another minute and email this post to a general counsel you know who might welcome benchmarking data?

Since the release of the first benchmark report on May 31st with its 453 legal departments, another 50 or so have joined. They swelled the ranks of in-house lawyers covered in the upcoming July 15th release from 12,000 to more than 15,000 (an increase of 25%) and the total revenue of companies by an astonishing $350 billion (about 15%)!

The July release will include for the first time regional analyses so that for all 25 benchmark metrics you can compare yourself to departments in eight regions. The report has also added tables with quartile data and made several other other improvements. There is still no charge for the 65-page report.

The confidential online survey asks for six key pieces of law department data:

  • the number of lawyers, paralegals, and other staff;
  • internal and external legal spend last year; and
  • revenue last year (all in $US converted as of Dec. 31, 2009).

Thank you for considering this.

Submit your data this week and you will receive the second release. Or, the third release will come out by mid-September. Click through for the short, confidential online survey (you can remain anonymous) that asks for your 2009 figures on legal staffing and spend.

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