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Seek out law firms that have built or will develop knowledge bases relevant to your business

A glimpse of the future: In-house lawyers and their internal clients can access a portal run by a law firm that gathers large amounts of relevant information about potential deals. To be more specific, consider the site that the U.S. law firm ParkerPoe has assembled regarding Caribbean resort sites. The firm identified each resort site in the Caribbean and Central America and then “researched local development and zoning laws, public contracts, leases, and landlord/tenant agreements for dozens of countries.” Also assembled on the site, according to Law Tech. News, Aug. 2011 at 15, are lists of contracts in government and utilities … and local business leaders.” The firm pulls news feeds onto each site for key resort chains and hoteliers. In short, law departments can benefit from assembled law and business information with value added in many ways.

Law departments can make use of such enriched databases cum website cum legal material. Increasingly, value-added online sites sponsored by law firms will help law departments and their clients move ahead effectively.