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Smiley and frowny faces for in-house counsel: emotipros and emoticons

Thank goodness Entrepreneur, Jan. 2008 at 21, has simplified the complexities of smiley faces, both the round yellow ones and those created with punctuation. Tape this list to your monitor and heed its advice when you dash off emails with feelings. 

The article lists five do’s and don’ts. Do use smiley faces ; don’t use a “kissy face” :*. Do use sad faces  but avoid crying faces :’( . It’s fine to emote online with a joking wink 😉 but never stick your tongue out :P. Go ahead and add a surprise face 😮 but toss the angry face > (“If you’re truly angry, it’s time to pick up the phone or have a face-to-face conversation.”). Fifth on the list: do use a huge grin 😀 but don’t use indifference :I.

Got it?!!!