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Snowball surveys of client satisfaction or customer satisfaction

Most law departments, when inviting their clientele to complete a satisfaction survey, select recipients at or above a certain level, such as all “Managers,” or “everyone above comp level 15.” It might be interesting for a department to try a “snowball survey.”

Send the questionnaire form to a relatively few, high-level clients. Ask them to complete the form and also to forward the blank form to three colleagues who have worked recently with the law department. Each recipient, in turn, is invited to forward the form, and thus the snowball grow.

If a company had several large corporate customers, its law department might try a snowball survey to find out how those customers – purchasers from the company or suppliers to it – view the performance of the law department. Send the survey to one person at the customer and ask that person think of others who have dealt with the law department and thus to roll the snowball.

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