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Software for communication with members of the Board of Directors

It is a hassle for a corporate secretary’s staff to photocopy and assemble hefty board books for Board meetings and then distribute them to members of the Board. The chore is aggravating, prone to error, under deadlines, and low-level.

Several software packages streamline this chore by allowing a law department to post the materials on a secure online site (See my post of Jan. 24, 2006 for other corporate-secretary software.). Directors can download the documents they need and print them out. This capability not only alleviates the logistical nightmare of manual distribution but also allows the department more time to prepare the materials. The software also serves as a repository for directors so that they can look back and find earlier material easily. Software for these purposes, such as Endexx, Aprio, and BoardVantage, also has other functions such as expense tracking, calendaring and voting.