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Some of the largest US legal departments, governmental and industry

The largest legal departments in the world represent government agencies (See my post of Nov. 6, 2005.). For example, the US Department of Homeland Security has 1,500 attorneys according to InsideCounsel, May 2007 at 96. The State of Massachusetts boasts something like 650 lawyers (See my post of Aug. 2, 2006.).

On the commercial side, quite a few companies have in-house teams that number more than 500 lawyers. There has probably been a compilation of the global law departments with the most lawyers but this blog has identified a few (See my posts of May 23, 2007 – General Electric and its 1,225 lawyers; Sept. 10, 2005– Citigroup and more than 1,000 lawyers; May 24, 2007 and Corp. Counsel, Vol. 14, Dec. 2007 at 51 – Allstate and its 700 lawyers and 1,300 total employees; May 27, 2007 – Royal Dutch Shell and 700 lawyers; Dec. 14, 2005 – Shell with 650 lawyers; and Feb. 15, 2006– Unilever with 500.).

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