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Some of the many sites from which readers reach this blog

During the 30 days ending on January 22, 2009, Feedburner reported the following 19 “Uncommon Uses” of this blog, “Uncommon uses” are accesses of the feed through sites not universal to all of FeedBurner’s feed users, such as its own website or other sites that post our feeds. During that period the blog had many, many more hits from but I have aggregated the oddities from that site. Other sites that refer to this blog I have checked off as not “uncommon uses” so they do not appear here.

I include this information to give a sense of the wide-ranging readership of this blog and the number of sites that publicize it (ABA Journal, Wall St. Journal, Martindale-Hubble, Legal OnRamp, Forbes, Twitter and Facebook). Drupal101 is mysterious; I think it is an online search tool. RTable is run by a professor at Duke.

Uncommon Uses Hits 28

drupal101 19 14 13 13 12
4 4
3 2
2 2 1 1 1

By the way, I have 400-450 “subscribers” according to FeedBurner, which is NOT a tally of people who have subscribed to my feed. There is no FeedBurner statistic that gives a running tally of how many people have ever subscribed to a feed and not unsubscribed, like an email list. “Subscribers” refers to how many people download a in the specified 24-hour period.