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Some recent firsts on or about this blog

If bloggers don’t tinker and take chances, their blog dries up and blows away. So I keep trying out new things, and welcome ideas for more (See my post of Feb. 20, 2009: first blook, metapost, and article on blog; Feb. 26, 2009: first poll, YouTube video; podcast, and use of Twitter; and July 22, 2009: 10 more firsts.).

This blog has tested a number of improvements in the past four months, aside from my first advertisement, for DataCert and my listing on NewsText (See my post of Sept. 28, 2009: offers table of contents of blooks; June 29, 2009: free Metapost Plus’s; July 22, 2009: first four blook reviews, reviews of books through multiple blog posts; Aug. 28, 2009: analysis of visitors through poll; Nov. 10, 2009 #3: Concordance of headers; Nov. 10, 2009 #5: readers on iPhone; and Nov. 16, 2009: being on lists on Twitter.).

Thanks to a suggestion from James Dunning of GeoTrupes, I also posted my first announcement on a “twibe,” a Twitter tribe (group). It is “Law” and it had 459 members when I joined. I also added “subscribe by email” by activating that on FeedBurner.

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