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Some titles at the top in the UK vary greatly from US titles

The Advisory Panel of the CLO Programme includes nine top lawyers. Those lawyers have titles that are not run-of-the mill titles for their US counterparts (the titles I reflexively use in posts, such as general counsel and chief legal officer). I start the list with my favorite:

 Head of Legal Estates (Sharon Harris, Britvic)

 Global Head of Legal (Sandie Okoro, Baring Asset Management)

 Director of Law & Governance (Debbie Adams, The London Development Agency)

 Regional Counsel Europe & Africa (Tim Ashby, Yum! Brands Inc)

 European Legal Director (Claire Vaughan, Smith & Nephew)

 Group Legal Director (James King, Randstad Holding NV, and Chris Aujard, The Royal London Group)

Two members of the Panel have titles that are familiar to American lawyers: General Counsel (Randal Barker, ENRC, and Tim Bratton, Financial Times Group) (See my post of June 26, 2008: titles with 15 references.).

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