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Spearman’s g, the general intelligence of in-house lawyers, and high g’s are healthier

“General intelligence (the extent to which specific, measurable aspects of intelligence, such as linguistic facility, mathematical aptitude and spatial awareness are correlated in a given individual) is measured by psychologists using a value called Spearman’s g.” Moderately interesting, to some, that there is an over-arching measure of intelligence. Unfortunately, if general counsel want to chew on Spearman’s g, there is no law department data available regarding it.

Recent research has gone farther with Spearman’s g, and is reported in the Economist, Dec. 6, 2008 at 98. “An individual’s g value is correlated with many aspects of his health, up to and including his lifespan.” (Women have g also, lots of it.) Apart from that finding, a best practice for a law department is to hire high g lawyers.

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