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Speed dating to meet providers of services to law departments??

A company called Corporate Counsel Exchange reached me yesterday and made me an offer I can certainly refuse. Some months from now, I can attend an event where I will be guaranteed 10 meetings with “general counsel who are interested in management consulting services.” Well, that is what she promised.

The earnest woman beseeching my participation said that as a “silver level” participant and one of only three consulting groups, I would have the privilege of these speed-dating sessions upon investing a five-figure fee.

Has anyone who reads this blog had any experience with such an arrangement? I am incredulous that any senior in-house lawyer would subject him- or herself to a daylong barrage of service providers, even if the lawyer’s expenses are all paid to a fancy resort.

If you want to meet consultants and other service or product providers, you can choose whom you want and when you want and invite them to your offices. Trust me, they will oblige.

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