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Spend time with economics, a saving grace for managers, and bank on the pay off! Any interest?

Many economic sub-disciplines have stimulating ideas to offer law department managers. I have gathered my posts on economics as a broad field, but thought I would highlight four recent sub-disciplines (See my post of Sept. 19, 2008: economic concepts with 43 references, 17 internal references.).

Behavioral Economics (See my post of Sept. 4, 2005: behavioral economics; Jan. 17, 2006: behavioral economics as a mix of psychology and economics.).

Evolutionary Economics (See my post of June 25, 2008: evolution and its implications for economics.).

Information Econometrics (See my post of Sept. 19, 2008: economics of information.).

Neuro-economics (See my post of Aug. 20, 2006: neuro-economics; June 24, 2009: more on how the workings of our brain bear on economic decision-making.).

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