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Stanton Marris’ Energy Index® and assessing the level of a law department’s engagement

Stanton Marris, a British consultancy (, has developed an Energy Index® questionnaire.  As I understand it, if a law department used the questionnaire, it would have its members rate on a six-point scale how important and how true are a number of statements.  Each statement bears on one of the four components that set the energy level of an organization.  These four components (the 4Cs) are connection, content, context, and climate – all explained by Stanton Marris in a brochure they distribute free of charge.

The compiled results would show not only what is most important in energizing a department but also where the widest gaps lie between importance and reality.  Among other uses, a law department could use this instrument and discuss its results at a retreat or offsite or it could assess the effectiveness of a leadership development program over time.  It is a form of employee satisfaction survey.

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