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Suggestions for how to make more efficient use of e-mail

• Sometimes when you start to type in the name of someone in the “To” line, prior names beginning with the same letters will automatically pop up. Make sure you don’t accidentally choose the wrong name.
• When you are responding to an e-mail, it isn’t always necessary (or desirable) to reply to everyone who received the e-mail. If you “reply to all,” make certain your reply should go to everyone and not just the sender.
• With a long e-mail chain, it’s easy to forget what was written at the beginning (bottom) of the e-mail. Before forwarding the chain, always check what’s contained in the earlier parts.
• If you are sending confidential information, check first with the recipient to make sure his/her e-mail is truly confidential.
• Use spell-check, especially when sending e-mails to clients.