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Taking time off to consider vacations by in-house counsel

One element in the calculation of fully-loaded internal costs are vacation days (See my post of Aug. 27, 2008: fully-loaded cost per lawyer hour with 31 references.).

Therefore, conscientious and obsessive, I spent time one recent holiday collecting my posts that involve vacations (See my post of May 11, 2008: typical in-house lawyer vacation entitlement; May 18, 2007: vacation days typically granted to in-house counsel; June 10, 2007: work-life policies at Northwestern Mutual; June 30, 2007: not taking vacation does not necessarily make you a workaholic; Sept. 25, 2005: assumptions about vacations and 1,850 chargeable hours; April 23, 2006: sabbaticals and vacations; Aug. 26, 2008: sleep-deprived associates and vacations; April 1, 2005: sabbaticals for in-house counsel; Dec. 12, 2006: “extreme jobs”; and Jan. 23, 2009 #2: vacation roll-over and cash-out policies.).