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Tap into employee satisfaction through an online bulletin-board system

An idea new to me is discussed in MIT Sloan Mgt. Rev., Vol. 49, Winter 2008 at 69. The idea is to use a bulletin board system to collect comments from employees. Someone then analyzes those comments and draws conclusions about morale, engagement and what factors influence those.

In other words, as a replacement or supplement for the customary employee-satisfaction survey (See my posts of April 8, 2005 on such surveys; and Feb. 19, 2007 on the Hackman and Oldman survey.) this indirect method, if employees actually leave enough comments on it, might give you a more nuanced and different view of what it is that drives moods. Anonymity, however, might be necessary for a law department. This technique is tantamount to an online water cooler (See my post of April 13, 2007 #4 on gossip.) where the chatter is recorded and studied.

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