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Tenth set of blogs that have referred readers to LawDepartmentManagementBlog

Many blogs and websites have directed readers here and I have thank over a hundred of them in previous posts (See my post of Nov. 15, 2009: history of this series; Jan. 4, 2010: seventh set; May 28, 2010: eighth set; and Jan. 18, 2011: ninth set of referral sites.). Here are 14 more of recent vintage and current appreciation.

  1. Acritas (Lisa Hart)
  2. AMS Legal Solutions (Larry Bridgestone)
  3. DataCert (Mark Poag, Esq.)
  4. High Value Legal Services (Peter Jenkins)
  5. Info Governance (Rob Robinson)
  6. Intelligent Challenge
  7. Lawyers Chile (Rodolfo Gonzalez)
  8. Legal Brat (Tim Bratton, Esq.)
  9. LegalEase Solutions
  10. Litigation Support Tech. and News (Frank Canterino and Joseph Bartolo)
  11. Pringle (Jim Pringle, Esq.)
  12. Reliance on Counsel (Rich Baer, Esq.)
  13. Tim Cummins (Tim Cummins)
  14. Legal Week China Legal (China Legal)
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