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The balance of my posts on balanced scorecards

A tool that some general counsel use to keep track of their key metrics is the balanced scorecard. A few posts on this weblog have poked and sniffed at balanced scorecards. Several law departments that actually user balanced scorecards are on display (See my posts of March 8, 2006: a balanced scorecard at Northwestern Mutual; Aug. 27, 2005: a British law firm’s scorecard; and Aug. 24, 2006: UTC’s law department scorecard.).

Other posts have broadened the discussion (See my posts of Aug. 4, 2006: dashboards compared to scorecards; Jan. 23, 2008: two-way balanced scorecard between firm and department; Dec. 9, 2005: data visualization software; and July 25, 2005: how to best embed metrics in reality.) while one recommends how to prepare a balanced scorecard (See my post of Nov. 8, 2007: how to prepare a balanced scorecard for legal.).

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