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The commonness of some of the common words related to law-department management

A fascinating website, for peculiar people like this blogger who revels in words, is Word Count. Based on a massive archive, the website tells you the frequency with which 86,800 English words have been used in print.

Naturally, I tried out several of the nouns that appear frequently in these posts.

321 Law
428 Management
544 Department
750 Legal
2022 Partner
4001 Lawyer
5888 Counsel
8018 Litigation
9157 Attorney
27190 Lawsuit

Several of these words have very broad meanings and usage and several serve as more than nouns. Also, not tracked in the archives are “paralegal” or “settlement.”

My challenge, therefore, is to use all these ten common terms in one sentence. For legal departments, the management of law partners by counsel in litigation means that one lawyer directs another attorney in a lawsuit. Feels like “The quick brown foxy lawyer jumped over the lazy…”