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“The Firm Should Market Me More” [Bruce Heintz, Outside Looking In]

… requested the GC, explaining that one of the roles of the relationship partner is to act as a talent agent to introduce the firm’s rising stars and up-and-coming practice areas. But I thought that law departments were tired of the constant sales pitches and cross-sell attempts made by their law firms?

Most major law firms are huge repositories of legal talent – men and women with deep knowledge about many rarified legal issues. But like going shopping in a multi-story department store, getting a look at all of what you might be interested in purchasing could take some considerable footwork. And sometimes, you might not even be aware of what you want until you see it!

So, whereas cause usually precedes effect, sometimes becoming acquainted with the effect (read: a gifted lawyer) can result in your creating a cause célèbre.

By guest author Bruce Heintz