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The Law Department practice group of the International Legal Technology Association

PEER to PEER, Vol. 23, Nov. 2007, the magazine of the International Legal Technology Association describes ILTA’s Law Department practice group. Headed by Sally Letteri of United States Steel, it facilitates the sharing of information by law-department technologists. For example, the practice group will host a symposium on April 4, 2008 in New York City. Other leaders of the group (at pg. 68) include Frank Kilsdonk of Johnson Controls; Pamela Martin of DuPont; Mike Russell of Liberty Mutual; and Tom Morrissey of Pharma. I’m sure any of they would welcome hearing from prospective members.

ILTA has shown up in previous writings on this blog (See my posts of Nov. 17, 2006: multiple e-billing systems; Feb. 19, 2007: litigation support software; Feb. 12, 2006: client-specific extranets; and Dec. 12, 2007: Pfizer and its data warehouse.).

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