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The Legal IT Innovators Group, a UK-based organization that could interest some in-house counsel

Having just written about groups for in-house lawyers interested in operations, I ran across the UK-based Legal IT Innovators Group. Among its 40-50 members listed on the website are at least five companies.

The site explains: “We meet for a full day once a quarter in members’ offices to network, share and discuss current issues and give and receive presentations on issues affecting members. “Key Issue Teams” often form to further work issues of particular importance. These teams may go on to consult widely and publish standards or guidance papers to benefit all law firms and their clients.” As a recent example of thought leadership, in conjunction with the Knowledge Management and IT in-house Group (KMIT), the Group (LITIG) has proposed a common standard for the exchange of electronic transaction deal bibles (closing volumes) between law firms and clients.

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