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The pages, words and bulk of this blog, all for its mysterious, anonymous readers

Not that any reader has asked “How big is Law Department Management Blog?” but I wanted to know.

As of September 3rd, my three Word files of past posts – including tables of contents for headers, and indices for sources and proper nouns – total 753,347 words. The 3,538 posts would print as 1,298 pages at half-inch margins all around. Nestled among that throng of posts, organized into 16 categories, are 170 metaposts (See my post of May 13, 2007: cross-references and metaposts; Jan. 24, 2008: information architecture; Feb. 25, 2008: third anniversary thoughts; and Aug. 12, 2008: more than 100 metaposts.).

Thus, three-quarters of a million words have poured into this blog since February 2005, 42 months ago, means I have been bloggedly churning out for 1,277 days nearly 600 words a day.

A couple of hundred readers a day visit this blog, and hopefully many of them find one or more posts that help them. Since about 450 of you set this blog up as a feed, some of you heed what I write.

A sobering thought. Still, I have little idea who you are. Email me.