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The start of a network for procurement professionals who are interested in legal department spending

Dr. Silvia Hodges combines teaching at Fordham Law School with her work at CT TyMetrix. As an academic, she has researched and spoken about procurement practices related to law departments. In a recent e-mail to me she explained her efforts to bring together procurement professionals who want to understand better external spending on law firms. “We gathered the procurement people on May 2 at the Harvard Club [in New York City]. The group was composed of almost 20 procurement professionals of the largest US and international companies. Other meetings will follow in the next few months. They are definitely here to stay!”

If you or someone you know is interested in taking part, write Silvia directly for more information (See my post of March 1, 2008: procurement with 17 references; and Aug. 6, 2010: procurement with 7 references.).