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Three clusters of software for matter management according to ground-breaking report

Roughly summarized from the research presented in MMS Insights, four MMS packages stand out as having averaged more years in use, more lawyers in their departments, and more external spend under management. A second group of four packages were, generally speaking, less in longevity, less in average numbers of lawyers, and less paid to external counsel. Seven packages occupied another tier below that.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the law department market has segmented in terms of matter management software. We might think of them as industrial grade packages for heavy spenders, main stream packages for the middle-of-the-road spenders, and lite products for the relatively low spenders. Vendors of this specialized software logically tend to target one of those segments more than the other two.

If your IT group or your law department would like to purchase the report, please write its analyst and author, Rees Morrison, at

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