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Three law firms formed a collective to bill Pfizer as a single firm

Not talked about much in the groundbreaking arrangement Pfizer has entered into with 19 law firms is that three of them “have formed a partnership in which they bill Pfizer a single fee.” That quote is all that an article, in Corp. Counsel, Vol. 17, Jan. 2010 at 69, tells us. It struck me as quite an interesting combination of interests and investment. As a collective, they must have presented a compelling story to Pfizer of a virtual firm pre-assembled with meshed abilities, coordinated talent, and shared economics.

The three firms are Bradley Arant (based in Washington, DC), Watkins & Eager (Jackson, MS), and Irwin Fritchie (New Orleans). Oddly, I looked quickly at each of their websites and could not spot any Pfizer news on them.