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Three observations about Kruger Products’ use of Serengeti

It is rare to find public information about costs and savings from e-billing, so I read with interest in Canadian Lawyer, Jan. 2010 at 24, about Kruger Products (formerly Scott Paper Co.). In an interview, “the company’s legal counsel and director of human resources” gave some background on what preceded the licensing of Serengeti’s services.

My first observation, therefore, is that it appears that Kruger has a one-lawyer department, yet that solo found e-billing worthwhile. The smallest legal departments can benefit from such as system.

Second, the lawyer explained that “his cost per year for the service: about $2,000 [presumably Canadian dollars].” My observation, therefore, is that a full-fledged ASP system for e-billing hardly breaks the bank. It is not clear what the initial license fee and start-up costs were, but ongoing maintenance at least is certainly modest.

Finally, the lawyer “credits Serengeti with a 30-per-cent reduction in legal spending” from the likes of big Canadian firms such as Ogilvy Renault and McCarthy Tétrault. Hence, my third observation: a return on investment of that percentage of savings for a very modest amount of license fees per year would attract any general counsel.

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