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Three steps that help you clamber to the top of a law department, and one to cling to the top

Well, in the interests of full disclosure, these ideas in the Economist, Sept. 11, 2010 at 80 for gaining power were not quite that specific. To amass power, it is not enough to be good at your job. “The relationship between rewards and competence is loose at best.”

For power (promotion) seekers, the article emphasizes, first, the ability to manage up, which means “turning yourself into a supplicant” and “mastering the art of flattery.” General counsel beware! The second step is “the ability to network.” Become a sought-after “node” between different groups within your department and company. Third, stick around. Longevity on the ladder helps with promotions.

The postscript of the article answers the question “How do you keep power once you get it?” “The key to keeping power is to understand its corrupting effects.” General counsel pay heed!

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