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Three years of the Law Department Operations Survey, more than a dozen posts on its findings

Brad Blickstein, David Cambria and all the others on the Law Department Operations Survey Board have done a good job over the past three years to collect and analyze data from US heads of law department operations. Having once again extracted interesting findings from their latest survey report, now in its third annual incarnation, I looked back on my previous coverage.

First Annual (See my post of Dec. 21, 2008: three out of four of the 50 respondents report to the general counsel; Dec. 23, 2008: ranking of 10 most important attributes; Dec. 23, 2008: three primary sources of administrators; Dec. 23, 2008: about half manage own budget; Dec. 26, 2008: document management software and its frequency; and Dec. 26, 2008: style of ranking questions.).

Second Annual (See my post of Jan. 25, 2010: chiding LDO over self-serving estimates of dollars saved; Jan. 28, 2010: some limits of influence of administrators on change; Jan. 28, 2010: ranking of 16 ways to save costs; Jan. 29: five more ways to save costs; and March 31, 2010: 31 titles amassed for administrators.).

Third Annual (See my post of March 30, 2011: rank the biggest challenges; March 30, 2011: style of question questioned; March 31, 2011: chain of command; and April 1, 2011: stay abreast of law department technology.).