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Three years to learn e-discovery software and set up a team, and then the person leaves!

KMWorld, May 2011 at S4, gives the background of Devin Krugly, currently at AccessData. In the squib it says that he came from Exxon Mobil and “a three-year effort to grow an in-house e-discovery team …” That project included “a year-long process to evaluate potential vendors which led to 24 months of assessing fit and purpose of an e-discovery team and design of an IT structure to support the team’s activities.” Then, I gather, Krugly gathered up all his experience left for a vendor.

Ay, there’s the rub. Just when an employee becomes expert in e-discovery, some vendor or consulting firm poaches them. The lure of more money, variety, and an upward career path persuades those who learn the trade at the expense of with a corporation or law department. As I have written, it is hard to keep talent when dollars and stimulation beckon (See my post of June 11, 2008 #3: hard to keep e-discovery expert.).

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