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Timekeepers per law firm used

A previous post (Sept. 5, 2005) explained Citigroup’s view that the number of timekeepers at a firm makes a major difference in the firm’s cost effectiveness.

Based on data presented at ACC’s 2005 Annual Meeting for its 100,000 North American property and casualty claims, AIG used 2,000 law firms and 34,000 timekeepers (17 timekeepers per firm on average). At the same talk, the General Counsel of Concentra, a provider of healthcare and related services, said that his company retains 100 law firms and 350 timekeepers (3.5 timekeepers per firm on average).

I haven’t seen data on timekeepers per firm, but Concentra’s twangs the reality cord more than AIG’s. (See also my post of March 28, 2005 about a rule of thumb of one lawyer and one paralegal tracking time on a matter.)