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Toast to posts on Anheuser-Busch, InBev, and the merger

Once my recent post was written about metrics of Anheuser-Busch InBev, I thirsted for more on that legal department and its management practices. Mostly due to the columns Sabine Chalmers, the combined company’s top lawyer, has written, there were ample quaffs. In this post I have poured together the references to either InBev or the merged company.

The first set mentions InBev only (See my post of Nov. 25, 2006: leadership training for high-potentials; Oct. 31, 2007: survey your lawyers for alignment ideas; Feb. 6, 2008: uses Tedesco Technologies software; July 26, 2008: business plan and speculation on contents; June 17, 2008: tell law firms how to deal with calls directly from clients; July 11, 2008: general counsel of InBev in photo striding along with CEO; July 13, 2008: a compromise for travel costs to a lawyer retreat; and Sept. 16, 2008: role of Corporate Secretary explained.).

Once the merger consummated and Chalmers took the top role for the company, more posts appeared (See my post of Feb. 26, 2009: merger of InBev and A-B; March 15, 2009: fight feelings of insecurity if outside counsel deal with your clients; Dec. 10, 2009: huge travel demands on general counsel; Dec. 13, 2009: lawyers match business’s global footprint; Feb. 25, 2010: post-mortem competitions; March 24, 2011: GC also manages “corporate affairs”; and March 28, 2011: metrics of the department.)