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Top referring domains to this blog, Law Department Management

I am fascinated by the reach of this blawg, and by the tools that tell me something about my readers (See my posts of March 4, 2007: Technorati; March 4, 2007 and Jan. 13, 2008: FeedBurner; and Feb. 20, 2007: SiteMeter.). Periodically I have reflected back on the pace, scope and content of this blawg over its three years and 3,000 posts (See my post of Jan. 13, 2008 and 14 references cited.).

Several sites (domains) account for the bulk of the referrals to my blog. One year ago I noted that the top referring domains during February 2007 each sent 100 visitors. They were the commentary blog by ALM’s Carolyn Elefant and Bob Ambrogi, the ALM main site, and Geoff Gussis’s excellent blog.

I took a look at referring domains during the past 30 days. In-House Blog of Geoff Gussis led with 163 referrals, followed by with 130, and Legal Blog Watch with 102. Other top referring domains were (90), Justia Legal Marketing Solution’s (38), Bill Gratsch’s (29), and BlogLines (21).

One further fact: MyBlogLog told me about Feb. 15th on my blog. It said I had 144 readers, what they clicked on (such as Google ads, links, notices, and references), and that they had 35 “offsite clicks.”