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Total cost to resolve (TCR) and TCR+ to include inside counsel time (TCR+) (BellSouth)

For each of its litigation cases, BellSouth’s law department tracks outside counsel spend plus resolution costs. The litigation group can analyze this “total cost to resolve” (TCR) by categories of cases, over time, and across law firms. (From Jan. 2005 materials of ACC provided at a conference organized by the ABA Section of Business Law and ACC, Nov.18, 2005 at 5-6)

To show more completely the costs of litigation, so-called TCR+ adds an estimate for the cost of in-house time spent on cases. At this time, BellSouth does not estimate the costs of employees outside the law department, which would be TCR Super Plus (See my post of May 4, 2005 on companies’ indirect and internal litigation costs.)