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Trackback comment on three posts (ex GCs consult; disclose comp ranges; disengaged GCs)

The Wired GC took me to task on three recent posts (July 31 on GCs turning to consulting; July 14 on disclosing compensation ranges; and June 28, 2005).

Former GCs have played the game, but sometimes it is the only game they can ever play thereafter, whereas all law departments are different. Thoughtful consultants recommend what the client should do, not what they would do (or have done) as a former GC. As to salary disclosure, my idea was to give boundary figures, and only if there were enough lawyers within the boundaries for the effort to be worthwhile in lowering the level of uncertainty and speculation. That said, Wired GC may have the better of me on this one. My extrapolation about disengaged GCs was a matter of logic and numbers. If Gallup is correct with its senior executive numbers, and GCs fall into that category, then there must be disengaged GCs.

Bring it on, Wired GC! I enjoy the exchange and I hope our readers share the pleasure.