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Trumpet fanfare! Announcing my new-look blog, and some comments on posts by category

I hope you like my blog make-over.  Through the excellent work of my friends at Justia and the steady encouragement of Geoff Gussis, this blog heads into the second half of 2012 and beyond as a WordPress blog.

As of July 4, 2012, a day after my new WordPress blog had its coming out party, these were the 14 categories for my posts and the numbers of posts in them.

Outside Counsel (1,574)

Talent (862)

Productivity (632)

Benchmarks (628)

Non-Law Firm Costs (614)

Tools (610)

Structure (369)

Technology (299)

Showing Value (294)

Thinking (262)

Clients (243)

Knowledge Mgt. (234)

This Blog (131)

Thoughts/Observations (616)

Obviously, more that comes to my attention as a blogger pertains to law firms hired by law departments.  Almost twice as many posts over the past 7.5 years as any other category have pertained to those vital relationships.  Nor is it surprising that the people in law departments, the talent as some HR folks call them, have accumulated the second largest number of posts.  Four other categories cluster at around 600 each: productivity, benchmarks, costs other than law firms (which includes outsourcing), and tools.  My slimmest substantive category is knowledge management and then there is the catch-all, “thoughts and observations.”  On these 7,319 posts there remain 893 comments.  “Remain,” for the reason that I have deleted probably at least that number because they are advertisements or spam.

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