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Two comments on paralegals: offshoring and ratios

InsideCounsel, July 2007 at 66, mentions that the law department of Cajun Operating Co., which owns Church’s Chicken, has three lawyers and four paralegals. One of those paralegals used to spend all of his time doing trademark work. The general counsel of Cajun, Kenneth Cutshaw, outsourced some of that trademark work to a legal service provider in India and now “the paralegal only spends a third of his time on trademarks.”

Here is an instance of transferring work to lower-cost service providers overseas. It allows the freed-up time of US employees to be used in more valuable pursuits (See my post of June 11, 2007 #3 and seven references on offshoring.). My second comment has to do with the unusual ratio of more paralegals than lawyers in a law department (See my posts of March 12, 2006 and Dec. 22, 2006 about the ratio of paralegals to lawyers and the distribution of paralegals among practice areas.).

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