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Two more books on law departments, for a total of 35 found so far

To this point I have located 33 books about law department management (See my post of Nov. 16, 2009: approximately 32 books about law departments with 8 references; and March 29, 2010: Trevor Faure’s The Smarter Legal Model.).

Two more have recently come to my attention. Leadership and Management Challenges of In-House Legal Counsel, the first book in Australia which is wholly dedicated to the in-house legal profession, is edited by Prof. Benny Tabalujan (LexisNexis Australia, 2008) contains 11 chapters from in-house counsel and consultants in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Courageous Counsel is the book that Michelle Coleman Mayes, the general counsel of Allstate, has co-authored with Kara Baysinger, a partner at SNR Denton. It is about the history of women GCs, according to InsideCounsel, May 2011 at 68, and is due for publication in September.