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Two networks of law firms, Law Europe and Ius Laboris

Lawyers in-house who manage law firms may want to consider a network of firms in some circumstances. Here are two more of them.

Law Europe EEIG is a group of 25 law firms, principally located in Europe but with members in the United States, Brazil and India. With more than 600 lawyers, the group is able to offer a full cross border service to clients. … [M]embers of the group meet regularly at conferences hosted by one of the member firms. In addition there is an inter-firm lawyer exchange programme to develop a wider understanding of the different legal systems. Law Europe is committed to the highest standards of professional ethics, and one of its board’s principal functions is the supervision of quality control. …

Currently Law Europe is expanding its membership to provide representation not only in every European jurisdiction, but also in major financial centres outside Europe.”

This short description comes from the website of the European Corporate Lawyers Association (ECLA) along with the following regarding Ius Laboris.

Ius Laboris ”is an alliance of law firms with expertise in labour, employment, employee benefits, immigration and pensions law, which has grown to 46 law firms in 44 countries around the world, has its roots in the EU. It was started in 2001 by five Western European firms and retains a strong presence throughout the EU.”

Other networks of law firms appear in my metapost (See my post of Feb. 21, 2008 #2: law-firm networks with 7 references.).