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TWOG – merger of Twitter and blog

This blog had a recent visitor who read the following Tweet and clicked the URL. “As the economy shrinks, so do paychecks of in-house counsel, if they are still employed:”. This lead from Twitter was added by @exterro.

Note the use of a shortening device for the URL. That is done with free online sites such as TinyURL, which shortens long URLs into petite ones suitable for Twitter.

I tweet about writing this blog, but keep all the content here (See my post of Oct. 2, 2008: doubts about the value to me of joining Twitter; Jan. 25, 2009: hits on this blog from Twitter; Feb. 1, 2009: Twitter as part of Web 2.0; Feb. 4, 2009: application that allows updates to Twitter by phone; March 31, 2009 #2: Twitter blocked at a client site; and April 24, 2009 #2: Twitter tracks mentions.). To some extent, my Twitter short takes and my blog posts merge.

Anyway, my LexTweet rank is a paltry 2,115. Twitter, to some people’s surprise, is not the only micro-blogging service. According to Law Practice, Vol. 35, April/May 2009 at 27, there are also Yammer and (sic).

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