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Ugly effects of a narcissistic general counsel

An earlier post considered self-centeredness in young lawyers (See my post of June 30, 2007: narcissism and demographic groups.). What about narcissism in a general counsel? strategy + business, Issue 54, Spring 2009 at 119, mentions that “The personality traits that lead narcissists to take control of groups are the same traits that are later associated with a range of troublesome behaviors.” Research has shown that those who think unduly highly of themselves tend to dominate groups and meetings.

Further, some of the unpalatable consequences of narcissistic leaders include “alienation from colleagues, poor performance ratings from supervisors and peers, [and] risky decision-making.” Narcissistic general counsel may squelch those who disagree with them, may pursue publicity such as speaking opportunities and awards, may favor fancy trappings, and may promote obsequious fawners.

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