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Under what circumstances do law firms fire Fortune 500 clients?

Elsewhere this blog has plastered the notion, rashly advanced by others, that legal departments routinely “fire” significant numbers of law firms, including their primary firms. Enough debunking of that myth (See my post of May 27, 2007.).

But nothing in this blog has turned the coin over: do law firms fire corporate clients that are prestigious? We can all conjure up circumstances where that might happen: too many demands on the firm (See my post of Nov. 18, 2007 about freebies law firms can offer clients.); too many fire drills and weekend marathons; too much nickel-and-dime fee chopping; too wide and inflexible a bar of on conflicts of interest (See my post of Nov. 22, 2007 about waivers sought in advance by law firms.).

Or perhaps it just doesn’t happen – few law firms say to big companies, “Take a hike.” More likely the service level of a frustrated, put-upon firm slips steadily and eventually the law department cans the firm.