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Uniform Task-Based Management System – no thanks [metapost UTBMS 8]

My sense is that adherence to the venerable Uniform Task-Based Management System codes is declining (See my post of April 20, 2008: precursor to the code system; Dec. 1, 2006: criticize UTBMS efforts; and May 1, 2006: shrinking usage of codes.). Those who debate the merits of the UTBMS can make points for and against them (See my post of April 23, 2006: UTBMS; Oct. 15, 2007: use the data to contest a bill; Feb. 21, 2007: difficulties law firms have with the codes; and May 26, 2006: the possibility of rate changes by code.).

Proponents continue to tinker with the codes (See my post of April 22, 2007: updates to the system.) but I think it’s too late for the defibrillator.