Unlimited Calls on Law Department Management

Rees Morrison offers a new and efficient way for you to gain insights into management issues you face.

From time to time, general counsel and other management-level lawyers might like to pick the brain of a consultant who is very familiar with how other general counsel have dealt with management problems. What they want is a sounding board or a Devil’s advocate or a provoker of new thinking — not an expensive consulting project that piles on inexperienced junior consultants doing “fact finding.”

Nor do they want to trudge through reports, articles, and conference proceedings to get a few ideas that still don’t address the particulars of their law department. Here is how Rees Morrison will assist you:

  1. Rees Morrison will help you solve your management problems at your convenience by phone.
  2. He will share his experience and recommendations, for as long as you want to discuss your situation and offer solutions for how best to address it.
  3. He commits to calling you back the same day.
  4. The fixed fee is $1,500 for any month you call him, no matter how many or how long your calls or how numerous the topics. The person who undertakes this arrangement must be on the call.

It’s that simple. Call about whatever is on your mind and Rees Morrison will apply his years of experience consulting to hundreds of law departments to your specific situation.

Rees Morrison’s Experience Solving Management Problems of General Counsel

During his two decades of consulting to general counsel on operations of their legal teams, Rees Morrison has worked with more than 250 law departments. He has dealt with every imaginable issue.

Morrison has also published four books on law department management: benchmarking, client satisfaction, law department administrators, and outside counsel management.

Since February 2005 he has hosted the leading blog on law department management, with more than 4,000 posts available in early 2009.